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Solar Energy Lighting System

How Outdoor Solar Lights Work

The outdoor solar light is made up of a solar cell, LED light, photoresistor and a NI-Cad rechargeable battery. The solar cells in the outdoor solar lights produce energy that will charge your battery during the day.

At night, your outdoor solar lights will stop producing energy. The photoresistor in it will detect the absence of light which will activate your battery hence turning on the LED light.

Benefits Of Outdoor Solar Lights

Installation of outdoor solar lights is very simple. This is simply because you do not require wiring to be done or any other power sources.

This will make it easy for you to mount them in the ground and install them where required. Also, you have a guarantee of not having power bills since it does not use electricity.

Advantages Of Outdoor Solar Lights

You do not require wires for installation of these lights making them easy to install, safer and has no messy wires. The lights use sun UV rays to generate the energy required hence no electricity is required making them not only energy-efficient but also ecofriendly.

The lights are low maintenance since you only require a clean panel after installation. Besides, the outdoor solar lights are easy to install because all you need is to unpack them and put them in your desired location.

The outdoor solar lights do not require high investment when it comes to purchasing them and also when installing you can do it without hiring a professional making them cost-effective.

Disadvantages Of Outdoor Solar Lights

The efficacy of your outdoor solar light is determined by the season. This simply means that in summer you will generate more electricity, the battery will be charged faster but in winter the energy generated is minimal and charging of the battery is slower.

The solar panels of the outdoor lights just live everything else will deteriorate from UV- rays. Also, wind and dirt particles are a threat to solar panels.




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