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Off Grid Battery System

With a stand-alone off-grid solar panel system, you don’t have to be connected to the grid and can rely on your solar panels alone to produce electricity to power your home. However, you need to add several components to make your off-grid solar system work independently. A battery bank is critical to ensure electricity supply at night and on days when solar production is low. To prevent overcharging and damage to batteries, a solar charge controller is also required.
Other components include an off-grid inverter to convert DC power generated by your solar panels into AC before supplying it into your home. Also, a DC disconnect switch is an important safety component to prevent electrical fires and stop the current flowing between the battery bank and the off-grid inverter during maintenance.
How Home Off-Grid Solar Battery Systems Work?

When designing an off-grid solar power system for your home, much depends on your electricity consumption and daily load needs. A right-fit solar system must be able to generate enough power and have enough battery capacity to keep your home running throughout the year, even in the toughest winter days when there isn’t much sunlight.

The number of batteries needed and the off-grid inverter can raise the overall cost of off-grid solar systems, making them more expensive than on-grid solar systems. Depending on your needs, the solar installer might also suggest having a backup generator for those days of the year when your battery bank might have a really low charge.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems

Grid Independence

Homeowners enjoy absolute independence from the grid

Cheap and Clean

No tariff fluctuations and no carbon footprint – solar is cheaper and cleaner than conventional power sources.

Available Anywhere

Off-grid solar panels harness the power of the sun and thus work even in the most isolated areas, the only requirement is availability of ample sunshine.

No Power Cuts

Combined with a battery bank, your off-grid solar system ensures a non-stop power supply to your home i.e. freedom from power outages.


USL Off Grid Battey System:

SPV Modules   555W x 1Nos.  335W x 4Nos.  335W x 9Nos.  555W x 10Nos.  555W x 18Nos.
 Solar Inverter/PCU Capacity 1100VA x 1Nos. 2035VA x 1Nos. 3KVA x 1Nos. 5KVA x 1Nos. 10KVA x 1Nos.
PV Mount Kit  Al / GI x 1Set.  Al / GI x 1Set.  Al / GI x 1Set.  Al / GI x 1Set.  Al / GI x 1Set.
DB Box  1Set  1Set  1Set  1Set  1Set
Typ. Load Consumption per Day  1.2kWh  5kWh  12kWh  20kWh  40kWh
Storage Battery Capacity  1.8kWh  3.6kWh  7.2kWh  14.4kWh  18kWh
Area required for PV Modules  30sq.feet  100sq.feet  200sq.feet  320sq.feet  600sq.feet



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