• Welcome to USL Solar Rooftop Solutions for Residence

    USLsolar Rooftop for home installation is affordable for almost anyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner and save on Electricity charges the way forward. Installing a USL Rooftop solar power system will instantly add to the value of your residential property and give considerable electricity bill savings.

  • Welcome to USL Solar Rooftop Solutions for Commercial and Office space

    USLsolar Rooftop systems will provide a good return on investment by utilizing idle roof space. USL provides customized solution for your solar solution need and help to implement sustainable solar power solutions for your commercial and office space.

  • Welcome to USL Solar Rooftop Solutions for Institutions

    USLsolar rooftop systems for institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, factories helps to meet their energy needs.

About Us

About US

Incorporated in 1st September 1999 for Indegenous manufacture of Solar Power Cells & Panels.

Our present focus is on Solar Roof Top, Solar Water Pumping & Solar Yard Lighting Solutions.

Private Sector Company in country to be sucessful in Export of Solar photovoltaics Cells & Panels to Europe, MiddleEast,Africa,South East Asia & China as early as in 2000.

Inhouse R&D for Product development & Efficiency improvement.

solar Technology for energy saving & economy

USL Solar products are simple & user friendly.

USL Solar Panels are manufactured with quality materials & rigid QSM.

USL focus on Customer centric approach & offer custom tailored solutions for every consumer.

uSL offers only durable products to its consumers.


Solar Powered Lighting

Lighting open Spaces, Yards, Security Check Posts,Driveways, Perimeter and Compound. USL Solar Lighting Solutions are used in Remote Farms, Estates & Residencial Guest houses.

Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Pumping Water from Sump to Overhead Tank, pumping Water from Deep Bore Wells & Open Wells for Drinking Water, Gardening, Wildlife & Agricultural purposes.

Roof Top Solar Ongid & Standalone Electricity

Electricity bill reduction for Residencial Homes, Commercial buisness/ Office Spaces, Factories, hospitals, Schools & Colleges or Standalone Solar Solution for Remote guest houses, Estate houses, Rural Schools, Government Offices,Camp offices, etc.

Energy Analysis

USL professional team can recommend you cost effective solutions to benifit your economics & planet Earth.



USL Ongrid System

Rooftop Solar


USL Standalone System

Rooftop Solar


USL Water Pumping System

Stand Alone Solar Water Pumping


USL Street Lighting System

Stand Alone Street Lighting System


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1/473 Avinashi Road, Neelambur, Coimbatore, 641062, India

(+91) 9894045000


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