About Us

UPL pioneered in Solar Photovoltaic industry one decade ago for the exports market. This bold initiative enabled the company to earn a vast experience in the PV sector.  

Today, the company management is led by Mr.N.Krishnakumar (CEO), an Electrical Engineer with over 24 years experience in Photovoltaics & founder Director Mr.K.Arun (Director), an Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer with over 9 years experience in Photovoltaics buisness.  

UPL PV Modules are periodically evaluated for its new series of PV Modules as per IEC60904 in regional & international labs such as ETDC-India, NREL-USA and TUV, Germany.   

We offer solar modules for OEM customers for global markets in stand-alone and grid ties segments. Our OEM customers with manufacturing contract include global companies like Shell Solar GmbH, Solar World AG,etc. This has placed the company in a unique position to implement world class production practices, thanks to the quality related inputs from our associate partners.

UPL solar PV Modules was approved by TUV, Germany for IEC61215 & IEC61345 as early as in year 2004.